You Poor Abandoned Bastards!

Oh no! Did you think we forgot about yous?? I bet you look like the little girl in the pic don’t you. Well… we kinda did. A little. It has been one hell of a busy month! A big hang up is that they place we currently reside is going up for sale. So we are looking for a place to move too. Work has also taken some weird turns and plates are getting full.

BUT!!! With all that said we love you guys, and can’t wait to get back to making more content for you. It might be slow at first, but once we get into the new place we have some big ideas. I don’t know if Razar has posted the latest FYFCast, but I’ll go over some of the changes that will be happening in the world of FYFC. We are recording the Got Balls season 1 finale tonight! Which is super sad. I don’t know what we will do on Sundays now! It has been an absolute blast talking about our favourite sport, and we have had a great response from it. Season two will kick off at the draft!

There have been some changes to Lights Out Radio. It was once our flag shit show, but then became our worst nightmare. Now hear me out, here’s how it all went down. If you have been listening to LOR from the beginning you will know that there was a drastic transformation with the show. It actually started out as FYFCast in the way it was just us talking. There was no specific formal or anything. And that was what really sparked our interest in podcasting. Just shooting the shit and coming up with crazy ideas. Along the way we started to form it into more of an internet radio show. With specific topics and structures. And it was fun at first. We made a lot of those changes to try to break into more of a mainstream market… as far as that goes for podcasting. But it got stale. We began to dislike the show. It felt like a chore to have to do a bunch of research on topics and put a bunch of extra time into something we didn’t really want to do just started to weigh on everything. The crazy thing was that all three of us were feeling the same way but didn’t want to bring it up to each other. Finally we all came out at the same time and were shocked. Why the hell did we do that?!? I always preach to be open with people… never listen to my own shit!

Now that we are all on the same page here is what the future holds. Lights Out Radio is going on the back burner. It’s not dead, but it will never be the turd it was. We are going to make it our interview show. SO when we have bands, artists, and so on it will fall under that umbrella. FYFCast will become our main show and MDI will be joining it! It’s time to get back to our roots man! Got Balls will remain seasonal and Fearcast… oh Fearcast. I really want to start doing more of these. But it’s not going to be the same format it has been. If you listen to the episodes, you will see a significantly better show is down when I’m not alone. I don’t know how people do podcasts or radio shows alone. It’s brutal IMO. I do have some ideas, I want to get my buddy Kyle “The Champ” to start coming on and talking about UFC. Kyle is a former boxer and really deep into combat fighting world. I will also be starting (hopefully) working with Jay from Elite Critique and having him on the show to do some reviews.

We are also going to try to start making Vines and YouTube videos. Let us know if there is anything you would like to see or any funny things you would like us to do! I want to really thank everyone that is listening. Feel free to reach out to us on twitter or Facebook! Hit all the likes, subscribes and follows!!