Why are we buying a Harrier?

I am sure people are gonna be asking this question. Hell we have been asking ourselves this very question quite a bit and it all came back to a very simple answer.

Why Not!

Why not take the chance and see what happens. Why not try to make something amazing.

I think a lot of it comes back to my love and passion of flight. Since a very young age I have loved fighter jets. All aviation really. As a child my dad taught me to fly remote control planes and we went to any air shows that came by.

Fear and MDI don’t quite have the same love for flight that I do; but they do have an even greater love for film. Fear has been working on scripts for years and we have always wanted to make either a movie or a documentary. Taking the background and passion we all have together, I know we can make something magical.

I am really looking forward to making this documentary and seeing how far we can take it. If we can take it all the way to the end then the best part will definitely be donating the plane to a museum where anyone and everyone can see it. Where some young kid could be there with his parents and look up at this amazing beast of a machine and fall in love with flight just like I did.