What happened to her face?!?!?

So.. take a look at this picture. Before reading on, do you recognize her at all? I sure as shit didn’t.



Believe it or not but this Renee Zellweger! I’ll give you a minute to let that sink in… I’ll be over here watching clips from Me, Myself and Irene shaking my head. You done? Let’s talk about it. Now, I don’t know if she was going for “I want no one to know who I am” or “I want to look like I have aged 20 years. Yes I want the opposite of what normal people get.” But this seems crazy. We talked about it on Lights Out Radio, and referenced Jennifer Grey who you should know from Dirty Dancing and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. She had a nose job after she blew up and no one knew who she was after. She had a hard time getting work, and so on I heard her say in an interview.

This is the chance you take I suppose. There are some celebs that have had great work done and they look timeless. Which is freaky, just saying. But then there are others that either don’t look right or forbid the other road where you simply become a hideous CHUD of a person. I guess thats the price of being pretty. I know what you are saying “but Fear, have you had work done?” no this is all me baby. Body of an Adonis, face of european super model…. of course I’m kidding. I have the body of a 31 year old man that loves food as much as air and the face of bulldog. But that’s me, no one is carving this man up, unless I get into some underground knife fight club. In that case I am sure there will be rules about talking about the club. I think I have already said too much.

Here‘s a link for some more pics of her before and after. It’s drastic.