“VooDoo” – A Film Review

Name: Voodoo (2017)
Genre: Horror
Rating: 6/10
Website: http://voodoothemovie.com/


Tagline: You’re going to Hell.

PLOT : When Dani, an innocent southern girl, vacations to Los Angeles to evade her increasingly complicated life, she learns that escaping her past isn’t as easy as she had hoped.


Strap in kiddies, this one gets a bit wild. Let me start by saying I am a fan of found footage films. Done right it can give a very sinister and more realistic vibe to a film. This one is a bit of a tough sell. For me VooDoo really just became so ambitious in what it was trying to portray, that I think it got lost inside itself. Which more than anything gets me excited to see what Tommy Costabile does next. I really did like this movie, so let me get the biggest issue out-of-the-way: Most of this film would not actually be documented. Period. That’s the toughest part of this film. I think shot like a normal movie it would have been closer to an 8. Things that wouldn’t have been recorded:

  • The voodoo priestess crying, taking the child, and the chanting. I get that it helps the viewer with the story, but being actually found footage. 
  • Once all Hell breaks loose (pun intended) no one is filming that. Who films the journey through Hell? Why does she then pick the camera up and go back out?
  • The haunt people playing the demons were too over the top causing the trek through Hell to come off more as a bad haunted house. 

For me, you take out the found footage part, and you have pretty scary film. Personally, I can totally look past that and enjoy the film. For the most part the acting is solid, the sound and special effects are strong, I’m just unsure why it was chosen to be found footage. That is something I am hoping to ask director Tommy Costabile if I can get him on FEARCast. You could still do all the little parlour tricks for scares, but you would be able to have a more full atmosphere. I would have had Dani’s character played by Samantha Stewart a lot meaner of a person. Have her say she knew she was stealing the lover away and didn’t care. Make it so I want to see her burn in hell. The revenge plot is intriguing as shit to me. But after watching it, I said to myself “she said she didn’t know that he was cheating, then she ends up in Hell raw dog fucked by Satan. I think Ruth Reynolds who played Stacy did a great job as well. There are some genuinely terrifying moments, with perfectly timed tension. 

The way I gauge any movie I review is simple… would I watch it again? Yes! It’s not a masterpiece, but it is totally something I would pick up on Blu-ray and throw on in October to get me in the mood for Halloween. Check it out!

… Run along kiddies …




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