Vinnie Paul still says HELL NO to Pantera Reunion…

Well, just as he has the past couple hundred times Vinnie has been asked about getting Pantera back together with Zakk on guitar, it’s still no. I posted a video from the tour of Down and BLS, in which Phil, Rex and Zakk got together and played “I’m Broken”. You can see the video a few posts back. Like I said, that’s probably as close to seeing the real thing as we will ever get.

Big Vin had this to say in a recent interview with Revolver‘s Jon Wiederhorn:

“If you had an ex-wife, and it was a pretty bitter split, you might not ever want to talk to her again. Who cares if everybody in the family and your friends want you to say hello again? It’s your choice whether you want to do it or not. And I think a lot of people are selfish. They say, ‘Oh, he oughtta just kiss and make up with Phil and everything will be cool. And then they can go get Zakk Wylde and everything’s gonna be great.’ No, everything’s not gonna be great.”

So I can see in some aspects where he is coming from. But then in others I can’t help but think that it’s starting to be a little selfish on HIS end. I get it, it was his brother… his own flesh and blood that was gunned down in cold blood. As horrible as it is for us the fans, it’s a million times worse for him. But from what I can tell Dime was the kind of guy that would much rather have his brothers in metal get back together, bury the hatchet and play some great music. Share a gift, that in my opinion should have never been divided in the first place. And I know that is part of the problem in the first place. But a little forgiveness could go along way.
If it was so bad that Vinnie simply couldn’t play music ever again, then I would get it. But that’s not the case. He’s gone on to play with HELLYEAH, which, lets face it… is nothing close to Pantera.

I have said it before, maybe move on without Vinnie. I’m sure there is a lot of legal shit they would have to deal with. And it would be sad to go see a Pantera without either Abbott brother, but people are still hungry to hear their music. I would go see them in an instant! I’m sure they could get another famous drummer that could totally do justice on the skins. Again, all just a dream unless Vin changes his mind.