“Unfriended” Trailer

Now, I’m pretty hard on new horror flicks. I just am, especially to found footage-esque films. I think they work really well but at this point there is just SO MANY saturating the horror scene. It’s hard to get a really good one sometimes. But this one looks interesting.

The one thing that I like with some of the new age horror films is that they are embracing the modern technology. Back in the 80’s and early 90’s there wasn’t cell phones, or cameras everywhere. And that made it a bit easier for a killer to stalk you in the woods and kill all of your friends.

Unfriended takes us right into the social media lives we live in now. And has topics that are in the light right now. Such as bullying, social media, posting videos and suicide. Just from the trailer, I am so seeing this movie. I hope it doesn’t disappoint. What are your thoughts?

I was just reading on dread central that you can add IamLauraBarns on your Skype and someone will chat with you. Hmmm, that sounds both awesome and creepy. I might have to try it! If you do let me know how it goes. Unless you are dead. Then I suppose I will never know.


Shane Dawson did a parody video to the trailer that I thought was pretty funny and well done. Check it out.