UFC 171 – Recap


Hey there! How are you poor neglected son of a bitches? Sorry I haven’t been on here much. I will try to get my shit together and post on here more often. Hope you folks are still loving the podcasts! I think we are going to be, and by WE I mean Razar, will be giving the site a face lift.With the addition of our YouTube channel and so on. Maybe we will take off the personal twitter pages, and put in feeds for YouTube and Instagram. It’s all in the idea stages for now.

So lets get down to business. WHO WATCHED THE FIGHTS? It was a pretty decent card. Here’s the run down:

Ovince St. Preux VS Nikita Krylov: I didn’t have any real opinion on this one. Its nice cuz you get to sit back and just enjoy. Well, we didn’t get to enjoy long. 1:29 in the first round the guys were on the ground, St. Preux was on top. They were in a weird position, and it looked like the ref was going to  come over and stand them up. Next thing you know Krylov is out cold. St. Preux had locked him into a Von Flue choke. Something I had never heard of. But I guess it’s because the only other time it’s ever been used was by Jason Von Flue to submit Alex Karalexis. Super crazy move.

Hector Lombard VS Jake Shields: So with this one, I’m not a fan of Jake Sheilds, so naturally I was going Lombard. It looked like Lombard was going to dominate this one. He was throwing Jake all over. He was throwing big bombs. But he just seemed to gas out. And as always Shield’s was simply not impressive. So come the 3rd round I’m going for anyone. I just don’t want anything to go to decision. Sure enough it did, and Hector won unanimously. Blah.

Myles Jury VS Diego Sanchez: Now I don’t care how long he fights. I don’t care what happens. I am a Diego Sanchez fan. He’s been a beast from day one. He’s a mean muggin’ street brawler. Myles on the hand is a very technical guy. So he did the smart thing, he fought a safe fight and stayed the hell away from the nightmare that is Sanchez. This one too went to decision. And Myles got it unanimously. He was IMO kinda a douche with his comments when talking to Joe Rogan. He just comes off as a cocky asshole. Maybe time will change that. It’s a shame that Diego Sanchez has had such a spotty record as of late. His fight at UFC 166 against Gilbert Melendez will go down as one of if not the best UFC fights of all time.

Tyron Woodley VS Carlos Condit: This one I was going for Condit. Have liked this guy a long time. I really started to dig him when he was set to fight GSP. I watched the mini film thing they do leading up the fight. It showed him as a new dad and training, and seeing him doing everything he can for his family. It was great. But if you know Woodley, he’s a frigging beast. He is explosive and his victories against Josh Koscheck and Jay Hieron were frightening. So the match starts and they are pretty evenly matched. Goes into the second round and Woodley went for a take down. Condit winced with pain, but seemed to manage to come out of the exchange ok. They stand up and Woodley threw a monster of a leg kick. Condit spun and you could see his knee twist very oddly. He went down and the match was over. It was a shitty way for it to end, but a win is a win. The announcers were pretty sure it would end up a torn ACL or hyper extension. We shall see. Hope him a speedy recovery.

Johny Hendricks VS Robbie Lawler: So here it is. The main event of the evening. We crowned a new Welter Weight Champion for the first time in 6 years! I like both guys, but I wanted Lawler to take it. He has been fighting for 12 years, even though he is only 31 years old. It was a GREAT fight. First 2 rounds went to Hendricks, the 3rd and forth went to Lawler. And Lawler was smiling the whole time. Up until the last 30 seconds in the 5th and final round. Both guys were gased out. Hendricks made a last ditch effort and got a take down, and in the end, the title. I am hoping that there will be rematch.

What makes me happy, is even though I have always been a giant GSP supporter, this will finally open up the Welter Weight division. This is also why I’m excited that Silva is out of Middle Weight. UFC has become a little stale. There is a lot of talent, and it’s tough to give everyone chances at belts. That’s one reason I think it was  a little silly to get ride of Strikeforce. They could have put on 2 big shows a month, given more opportunities to other fighters. Just my opinion. Let me know what you guys think.