Trailers! Trailers! Trailers!

So there are a few trailers that have popped up that truly have my attention. The first one up is a horror movie called The Gallows. It’s from the producers of Paranormal Activity, and it seems to use a lot of the same special effects. I’m not knocking it, it works very well for ghost movies. Also I dig the Nirvana Cover. Check it out:

The next is the highly anticipated, and scrutinized Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I still don’t know what to think about this film. I’m not really a fan of Batman or Superman. I didn’t really get into Batman again until The Dark Knight. And before that it was the Tim Burton Batman. I have said I am going to watch the Man of Steel, but haven’t got around too it. With all the hype I just might have to give into the pressure. Check it out:

And then one that I am also curious about (more about Leto’s joker then the film itself I think) is Suicide Squad. We got our first look at Comic-Con. Check it out:

Anything out there you can’t wait to see? Send me links or hit me up on twitter!