Trailer: “Underworld: Blood Wars”

Today’s trailer is for Underworld: Blood Wars. Now keep fucking quiet while I watch Kate Beckinsale run around in leather. Lets check it out and talk after.

Some of you didn’t keep quiet. I have made notes, I’ll be along shortly to shove my whole fist in your ass. Any way, I like this series. The first movie was good, Evolution was meh, Rise of the Lycans was really fucking good, but I was getting bored by the time Awakening came around14 years later here comes another movie. Am I going to watch it? Yes. Does it look interesting? No. But it has Kate… in leather… and werewolves… so, fuck. And I just read they are already working on a 6th film… that I’m sure I’ll be fucking watching when it comes out.

Let me know what you think. Are you looking forward to Underworld: Blood Wars? Have a movie I should check out? Hit me up on twitterFacebook or email! Let’s chat horror!