Trailer: “The Bye Bye Man”

Today’s trailer is for The Bye Bye Man… not going to lie that title sounds fucking stupid. Maybe it’s just me. Let’s not judge it by the name, lets check it out and talk after.

Hmmm… I feel a little like this is a mash up of a few different horror movies. There’s a dash of Candy Man &  Bloody Mary, hint of Nightmare on Elm Street in the way that talking & thinking about him gives him power. I have had people tell me it sounds like a Slenderman movie. I don’t know about that. I still think the name is fucking stupid, they could have called him anything else and it would have made it better. 

Let me know what you think. Are you looking forward to The Bye Bye Man? Have a movie I should check out? Hit me up on twitterFacebook or email! Let’s chat horror!