Trailer: “Annabelle 2”

Alright… here we go…

Any one that listens to FEARCast knows how much I didn’t like the first one. I still stand firm on a couple of things:

1) Annabelle should either be a Raggedy Ann doll (like it is in real life) or anything other than this “look how fucking scary this doll is” try-hard shit.

2) I want to see the full story that opened The Conjuring. Anyway, lets watch…

OK, it’s a teaser not a trailer and shows nothing. Am I the only one that is sick of the whole “cracking” noise while possessed people “Pop & Lock”? Anyway, the only thing that I’m mildly interested in is that they are looking to tie in the nun from Conjuring 2.

Let me know what you think. Are you looking forward to Annabelle 2? Have a movie I should check out? Hit me up on twitterFacebook or email! Let’s chat horror!