Tracks to Check out…

I listen to A LOT of music. But I am always on the search for some new music. I have a segment on Lights Out Radio where I review an album that has come out or gets sent my way. But I am going to start posting lists and links on here in case there are folks out there that are into similar music. I try to keep an open mind and listen to a bit of everything, but hard rock and metal is my wheel house. Here’s some tracks that I have been into this past week:

  1. Redlight King – Born to Rise
  2. The Pretty Reckless – Heaven Knows
  3. Mindset Evolution – Burn It Down
  4. Hedley – Anything
  5. Deuce – America
  6. Butcher Babies – Magnolia Blvd
  7. The Amity Affliction – Open Letter
  8. Killswitch Engage – Always
  9. Trivium – Strife
  10. The Letter Black – Sick Charade
  11. Eminem – Rap God
  12. Devildriver – Sail (Awolnation Cover)
  13. Blacklite District – With Me Now


There’s a bunch to sink your teeth into. Some rock, some metal, some rap… All worth a listen or two. Let me know what you are feeling. If there is anything you would like me to check out please pass it along!