“The Vault” – A Film Review

Name: The Vault (2017)
Genre:  Horror, Thriller
Rating: 2/10

Tagline: “No one is safe.”

Two estranged sisters are forced to rob a bank in order to save their brother. But this is no ordinary bank.

MY TAKE  (Spoilers possible): 

The film starts with a pretty good set up. What seems to be a well executed bank robbery. So I was excited. And then it takes a hard left into WHAT THE FUCK-ville. Things start to go wrong during the bank robbery… as they do… and James Franco steps in. Now it’s not “hey I can act my ass off Franco” or “I’m funny as shit Franco”… we get “I wish I didn’t take this role Franco”.

So apparently years ago a psycho came into the bank and tortured everyone. And burned it down, or burned them or something. I started to fade in and out. I didn’t know you could lock ghosts in a vault. And the people who were tortured and become evil ghosts, just can’t wait until they are released so they can be shitty to all the unsuspecting people who had nothing to do with their death.

None of it makes any sense. And about halfway I think EVERYONE gives up on acting. By the end the acting is worse than a D rated porn. Taryn Manning CAN act… just not in this movie. I don’t know if she took a cue from Franco and said “FUCK IT!”

They try to do a twist at the end, but you can see if coming a million miles away. Which doesn’t matter because none of the movie makes any sense. I don’t know if getting high before watching would have helped, but I suggest avoiding this film. Punch yourself in the genitals instead.

Check it out!

Have you seen the film? What did you think? Leave a comment below I want to hear from you!

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