“The Unborn” – A Film Review

“The Unborn” – A Film Review

2009 was a pretty solid year for the horror industry, and with countless offerings to sooth your blood and gore cravings it should come as no surprise that occasionally a few titles get missed. Enter “The Unborn”, from Writer/Director David S. Goyer(The Dark Knight Trilogy) in association with Rogue Pictures and Platinum Dunes, comes the story of a young woman who must find a way to destroy the horrific spirit that is slowly gaining dominion over her before it destroys her from the inside out.

Odette Annable takes the lead as “Casey Beldon”, and the raw truth is that while Odette played the role adequately and without compromise, the actual character itself was unexpectedly vanilla. The plot was rushed from the beginning, the result of this was the audience having absolutely no time to gain any form of connection with the staring character, and thus leaving a very generic and bland role. Again, Annable played the role well, but with no opportunity to really express the character it feels like the role could have been played by almost anyone who fit the casting call requirements.

What would be a possession movie without a priest? Garbage, that’s what it would be. Fortunately for this flick the viewers are downright spoiled with the addition of the Rabbi as portrayed by the great Gary Oldman(The Dark Knight Trilogy), and his Catholic Priest friend played by Idris Elba(Thor 1&2). Both of these incredible actors have a remarkable ability to transform anything they touch into pure gold and these roles were no exception.

The leading man in this film was played by Cam Gigandet(Never Back Down, The OC), and while this young and rising actor used his gruff and brooding exterior to formidably secure another fitting role it unfortunately suffered from the same lack of depth and dimension as the starring role.

All in all this was worth the watch, and it’s an excellent option for a date night popcorn flick. However it would be a bit on the dramatic side to call it a “Must Watch”, but it certainly won’t leave those who watched it with a sour taste and lingering feeling of regret.


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