the muppets. (TV Series)

Now.. I know. As a grown ass man, I should be as excited as I am for this show. But I really, really fucking am. The Muppets have been a HUGE part of my life, since it began. As far back as I can remember I have been watching the shows, and the Muppet Babies cartoons, and the movies, and so on. I also know that it’s strange that my last post was about Slayer’s new gore filled video, and now I’m talking about being excited for a show about felt. That’s me, and if you listen to the show I bet a light goes off in your head… “It all makes sense now. He’s nuts!”

All jokes aside, I love the Muppets. They are as much a part of me and my childhood as horror movies and metal music. Now what’s got me insanely pumped is the new show is essentially The Office, done with Muppets. I LOVED The Office, and judging by the test footage this is going to be hilarious. They have the documentarian that did The Office who is acting as director and executive producer. Along with a couple of others.

Here is the footage they shot to get ABC to make the show. Now picture me with my face pressed up against the screen on my laptop making “giddy school girl noises” the entire time. Love it.

First Look Presentation:

Now I’m a total nerd, not only for The Muppets, but voice actors. I have always wanted to do some voice work (as you might be able to tell from the podcast) and would love to write and voice a cartoon someday. Reach out if you can make that happen! So I watched the entire panel from SDCC, and I’m going to link it below for all you crazy cats that are just like me. There is also a bunch of shorts.


FULL 2015 Muppet Show panel at SDCC:

The Muppets (ABC) Promos & Spoilers Compilation HD 2015:

5 People You’ll Meet At Work: