The Internet Love doth flow!

Hey all you fine motherfuckers out there!

Man I want to thank all you boys and girls. Now we have been at this for awhile, as you can see with our back catalogue of the 4 shows we run. Our first show was Lights Out Radio #1 – A New Podcasting Hope. It is an hour long and we recorded it May 25th, 2013. This had spawned do to Razar and I listening to A LOT of SModCo shows. We are massive Kev Smith fans! I bet you can tell as I think we mention him in almost all of our old podcasts. If for some insane reason you are not familiar with his work, please, educate yourself. Aside from all the great things he has done, his podcasts are the best. Here’s why; he is constantly telling people to do what they love. How easy it is to make a podcast and talk to your friends. So we said “fuck it lets try it! We sit around talking about crazy shit anyway. Why not record it.”

And we never looked back. If you go back and listen we slowly learned how to improve the audio, get real mics and so on. I still use a Rock Band Xbox USB mic for recording Fearcast when I have a guest over in the remote studio. Whatever works man! More than the quality its the content, which arguably is still a work in progress lol.

As for marketing… we were clueless. We were scared of Twitter (I know, I know) so we went with the familiar of Facebook. Clearly we made the wrong choice. After using Facebook for like a year and half we had no idea if anyone was listening. To the point MDI (also my amazing wife and Razar’s sister) started to throw around the “what’s the point, no one’s listening” routine. In the past 8 days we have switched our hosting to one that gives us stats so we can see that people are ACTUALLY listening. And we have pretty much ditched the Facebook page and started using Twitter. And it has made a crazy difference!

As I type this we have 351 followers. Which isn’t much, but it’s WAY better than the 58 we have when this all started. And we are getting lots of love! The stats from last night showed we have had 2,460 visits! And it even shows where people are listening from. Now we are in the GCA (greater Calgary area) in Canada, so we figured thats where most of our DL’s would come from. I was wrong! We are getting the majority of our listeners in the USA. Almost double the Canadians! Then in the 3rd spot we have Germany! I just want to thank EVERYONE for checking us out and listening. Please feel free to reach out: For anything! Send us questions you may want answered, funny stories you would like us to cover, crazy pictures that you have found, maybe you want to be on the show! There are so many awesome people out there we want to chat with you!

We have some more things in the work. We will be announcing our first SPONSOR in about a week!! We are just waiting for me to get home from the remote studio! I can’t wait! If you have listened to FYFCast #27 you will hear our new intro written by King Dylan from the DC Show. Side note, check out their new video and one of my fav songs from their new album below. They have been on Lights Out Radio multiple times and we love to be able to bring their music to new people. (This could be you…artist out there looking to share your amazing creativity with the world but don’t know how.)

We are currently working on a new logo and we will be updating this website very soon! If you listen please hit us with a review on iTunes it would mean a lot. Stay tuned FYFC Army!