The Horror Video Game We All Want

With Mortal Kombat X in full gear it has brought out a lot of questions. Mostly in regards of the possibility of finally having Freddy Krueger fight Jason Voorhees. Unless you have been living under a rock, Freddy was in the MK game that came out in 2011. And MKX just came out last month and it has Jason and Predator set to come out via DLC. This brought on the speculation of bringing Freddy back.

This in turn has sparked great debate of getting a video game that is just like MK but with only horror movie icons. Dread Central had a sweet little article you can see below that has a shot of a “Capcom” style:
PrimeOp over on Scroll Boss

And something that I didn’t know about until I started looking into this is Terrordome. It’s a horror styled video game that is already out there. I had no idea. It’s free and apparently not “good enough” for most people. I haven’t tried it but it looks awesome. But if we could get NetherRealm Studios to give that bitch a make over it would be AMAZING! And would probably sell as much or maybe more than MK. There I said it! Check it Terrordome below.

I have had chats with lots of horror friends and family and this would be very well received. Let’s make it happen!