The Grammys are not made of Metal

Yo, so let’s start this off with… I didn’t watch it. I didn’t have to. They have been a grand disappointment from the time I started watching them when I was a kid. When I was younger I used to think that maybe it was because I was too young to appreciate “real” music. That maybe the grammys were for the older generation. Then I slowly started to become the older generation and it still doesn’t make any sense. My biggest contention… ALWAYS.. is best metal performance. It rarely goes to a metal band or the band that should get it.

Let’s start with the very first Grammy for; at the time “Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance Vocal or Instrumental” back in 1989. I was six and not watching I assure you. But years later I can look back and tell you THEY FUCKED UP. Right off the bat. Jethro Tull‘s album Crest of a Knave beat out Metallica‘s album …And Justice for All. I’m sorry… but NO. Swing and a miss award committee. Apparently shit hit the fan after that including booing and many musicians questioning just how out of touch with some genres the committee was. This in turn ended up sparking the big debate of what was metal and what was hard rock.

As a result the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) decided to split the two and in 1990 they each had their own category. And after looking them over, it’s a mess. To me it’s nice because they academy is trying to show love to the metal/hard rock community, but they don’t want to actually listen to it. Or take the time to find out who the bands are, and really invest any time into the category or genre. This to me, is the biggest slap in the face. And people always treat the metal community like they are jerks if they say things like “no I’m not going, it doesn’t mean anything anyway.” Sorry, but thats how they are treated. Why do you think they made the Revolver Golden Gods Awards, and EVERYONE goes. It’s put on by Revolver Magazine, so it’s by the community for the community!

What has sparked all this was tonight Tenacious D (who I love) won Best Metal Performance with a cover of Dio‘s Last In Line. Now since I hadn’t watched the show I had to look up who was in the category since my first reaction was “OH HELL NO!”. After checking it out… I think they might have made the right decision. And it kind of hurts me to say that. But Slipknot‘s The Negative One is terrible. Even The Devil In I would have been a better choice, but not good enough to be a decent cover of a 30 year old classic. The Mastodonn and MotΓΆrhead weren’t particularly strong. Essentially it was against two Dio covers as Anthrax did Neon Knights.

There was some albums that came out from some great bands. Bands I like that put out albums this year were The Amity Affliction, Upon a Burning Body, Machine Head, and a few more big names that might not have had as strong an album but are monsters in the metal scene. And that’s just my opinion, there are so many sub genres of hard rock and metal that there might be a BUNCH of bands and albums that are on your lists!

At the end of the day out of the tracks they had, I think they made the best choice. But let me know how you feel in the comments below! And you can always send me emails … send me ideas, crazy things you would like to see us do on YouTube or talk about on FYFcast! Do you have some crazy videos or pics you want me to see EMAIL IT!!!