“The Founder” – A Film Review

“The Founder” – A Film Review

What does it take to be a salesman? What does it take to be a restaurateur, or an entrepreneur?

What does it take to make your business a conglomerate with thousands of locations globally, worth billions of dollars, and a dominating brand recognized in households worldwide?

Better yet, what does it take to steal it?

“The Founder” is the primped and polished story of Ray Kroc, a WW1 veteran turned milkshake mixer salesman who stumbled upon McDonalds in its early days and proceeded to take the fast food industry by storm. Through ambition, eagerness, deceit, and sheer ruthlessness, Kroc sought out to not only become the Franchise Agent for the McDonalds Brothers, but legally(?) and far from morally managed to gain complete control over what is known today as one of the most recognized and profitable food service industry corporations of all time.

Michael Keaton, a man most notable for his portrayal in Tim Burton’s adaptations of the “Batman” franchise, leads the helm in this retelling of one of histories most notable cases of corporate greed. Keaton found new life in 2014 in his surprising and polarizing role in “Birdman”, and now he has done it again. Through his mannerisms, his hostile characterization, and his ability to portray a broken man with nothing to lose, Keaton makes the viewer really feel like he is the one in fact this rampaging corporate tyrant.

Nick Offerman and John Carroll Lynch co-star in their portrayals of the Mcdonalds Brothers. The two shared an on screen dynamic that actually made the idea of them being brothers feel incredibly organic and they both shared moments in the spotlight that were rightfully deserved.

With an excellent ensemble cast which included the likes Linda Cardellini (Daddy’s Home, Mad Men), B.J. Novak (The Office), and Patrick Wilson (The Conjuring 1&2, Insidious 1&2), this film found sure footing from the beginning and keeps you well intrigued as the viewer ventures deeper into the darkness that is corporate aggressiveness.

Insightful, consuming, and relevant. These are just some of the characteristics that helped make this watered-down biography into an educating and extremely well acted view into the world of up-selling, up-sizing,

and in all actuality makes one ponder the question,  “Do you want fries with that?”

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