“The Final Girls” – A Film Review

Name: The Final Girls (2015)
Genre: Horror / Comedy
Rating: 8.5/10

Further information can be found on the Wiki or the IMDB


General Gist:
Max Cartwright is morning the loss of her mom who was the star in a 1980’s styled slasher movie. A freak accident pulls her and her friends into the movie on her death anniversary. Mayhem ensues.

I went into this one blind. I think I hear Mike Russo from GUNGO Podcast mention it so I looked it up. I could be wrong.. shout out to him anyway. As it got going I wasn’t into it. At first I was like “they went into the movie? Fuck off!” But slowly it start to nod and tongue in cheek to all the movies of the 80’s that I love. By the end I was giving it a standing ovation! This is a really fun movie. Taiga Farming & Malin Ackerman are both great and gorgeous. And Adam DeVine is fucking hilarious. It’s a great parody to slasher films we all love. Enjoy!

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But what the hell do I know, watch it yourselves! Now, run along kiddies…