The Fappening…month..

Hey misfits,

We have strayed away from talking about this because it’s a terrible evasion of privacy. But something awesome has happened, I’ll get to in a minute.
If you have been stuck under a rock, there has been a crazy amount of nude pics and videos of celebrities that have leaked on to the internet. There is a scandal that it has been from a hack in the iCloud server. More have said it was phone hacks, that stuff I have no idea. But many celebs have had their personal moments leaked online. There has been 2 massive dumps of content and rumors of a 3rd coming shortly.

Someone has finally taken a stand! Steve-O of jackass fame has taken some racy photos and has challenged the hackers to get them off his iCloud. He said he has done some graphic shots and has stored them on the cloud. Good for you! The one issue is… for the most part it’s only woman celebs. Does anyone really want see graphic pics of Steve-O? I guess we shall see. Check out TMZ for more details.