The End of an Era…

“Whaddup’ everybody, Welcome to FYFCast!”

This would ring out and start everyone’s Friday off with BANG! First of all we want to thank everyone; EVERYONE, who listened, commented, shared, got involved and supported us. The podcast will be going on a hiatus for an undetermined amount of time. With everything we have on the go and the movie ramping up, a break is needed. After 4 years of driving this beast FULL STEAM AHEAD! It’s just time. We will for sure be taking the summer off, and see what the fall brings. Maybe we will bring the show back fresh, maybe after 116 shows it’s time to start a new one… who knows. 

So what does this mean for our listeners? You still have FEARCast, FYFC Drinks, other YouTube goodness and our films to look forward to! We aren’t going away, just taking a break from FYFCast. But with FEARCast still going strong I’m sure I’ll be able to coax the two into joining me from time to time. I am going to bring some of the bits (FEAR’s 5, Hog & Whistle, etc) over to FEARCast in the mean time so we can keep that fun going.

This is pretty crazy to write, but honestly we thank you for the support and look forward to creating lots more great content for you to enjoy! Now run along kiddies…