“The Bye Bye Man” – A Film Review

Name: The Bye Bye Man (2017)
Genre: Supernatural horror
Rating: 5/10

Tagline: “Don’t think it. Don’t say it.”


PLOT : Three friends stumble upon the horrific origins of a mysterious figure they discover is the root cause of the evil behind unspeakable acts.

MY TAKE : OK, I honestly have some mix views on this film. I know a lot of critics shit all over it, and I for one was VERY skeptical when the trailer came out. The part I hated the most was the name. It’s dumb. But, I think there are ways that they could explain why it is called something so simple… but I won’t share that here. Let’s get out-of-the-way similarities with Candy Man / Blood Mary where you say his name he appears. Let’s also get it out there that he feeds on their fears, and gets stronger much like Freddy. It’s tough to come top with new concepts, at least they didn’t try to put it out there as the next NOES. They took some tried and true horror clichés and mixed them in a blender. 

Lucien Laviscount was terrible. Yeah I said it. It was like in every scene was holding back laughing. Cressida Bonas was boring, but they didn’t give her much to work with. I liked Jenna Kanell‘s character and I really liked Douglas Smith as Elliot. For the most part the acting was pretty subpar other than Douglas. The CGI is bad. When the movie starts a guy is shooting people trying to stop the spread of the name, and the blood looks so bad I had to pause the movie and look up if it was rated “B” or lower. I hated the dog thing that comes with The Bye Bye Man. They could have left that out and this movie would have been immensely better. 

The way I gauge any movie I review is simple… would I watch it again? Hey, they toss me a Blu-ray I’ll support it in October, but otherwise, probably not. I think that since it was made with $7 million and made $24 million we may see a sequel, hell maybe I’ll write a version… toss my hat in the ring. I feel like the elements are there. The execution was rough and there are several things that when they happened I went “ugh, no, why”…but it’s not unwatchable. 

… Run along kiddies …




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