The Best ALS Video… period.

Hey Misfits,

As you all know I did the ALS ice bucket challenge (#alsicebucketchallenge). And it was pretty fun, my wife enjoyed dumping the water and Razar loved that I couldn’t catch my breath. The best part was that after I was done I made sure to hop on the website and make a donation. You can to by clicking here. Thanks to those that do.

Anyway the internet has been slammed with videos, and it’s been great. Lots of people having fun with it, each one getting more and more elaborate. Then I came across this one. It is by a young man named Anthony Carbajal. Now be warned, there is a reason its the best one. Anthony takes us into his home where he cares for his mom who is suffering from ALS, and really shows you just how terrible this disease is. And then ** spoilers ** Anthony lets us know that 5 months ago he was diagnosed with it too. At only 26, he can already feel his hands and arms slowing down. This causes the poor guy to break down on camera. And in that moment, a giant lump hit my throat and I started sobbing like a small child. It really brought to home why we are all joining together and showing support against this horrific disease. Please understand, I am not saying that this deserves attention over other diseases, simply this one has the spotlight, show some support.

If you haven’t donated please click the link above. Every little bit helps.