“Tetherball: The Movie” – A Film Review

I want to start by thanking Rick Dawson owner of TechWarriorz for reaching out and asking me to review the film. I am sorry it’s taken so long to review, but with the explosion of our interest in our podcast and website it’s taken a bit to find the time to give it the attention this flick deserves. Before we get started watch the trailer below.

Now let’s chat about the film. For many the “low budget” look would be off putting. Get over it, as far as I am concerned thats part of the magic! You need to look what this film really is. Its a hilarious take on a sport we played as children. It’s in the same vein of movies like Dodgeball. But it has a mix of even more raunch like Ted or a Kevin Smith flick.

And that’s the take I went with. The movie Clerks from Kevin Smith is a perfect example of doing something with relatively nothing. Tetherball is the same. Some of the actors stand out better than others, but you get the idea of what the movie is trying to be. It’s very funny, and being indie it gets to go places that a more mainstream might not get to, such as being a “Furvert

Grab a beer, some buds and give this flick a watch. It will make you laugh your ass off. It has some really great hilarious cameos from Dustin Diamond (Screech from Saved by the Bell), Ron Jeremy (The old Hedgehog himself) and even Dan “The Beast” Severn for all you UFC fans. I hope these guys get the following they need to push them into the lime light a bit more. Give them some real cash and I bet they make an even better hysterical romp that will make us laugh and pee ourselves a bit. You can get it on iTunes and Youtube! Check it out and let me know what you think!