Ted 2 Red Band Trailer

The red band trailer for Ted 2 came out this week and I gotta say it looks amazing.

Now the first Ted I thought was hilarious sure there were a few issues with the story but the jokes were solid and of course Mila Kunis was ridiculously hot so who cares about the story right. Ted 2 will not have Mila Kunis but it will have Amanda Seyfried in the lead female role. The trailer shows us everything we loved about the first movie (crude comedy mixed with stoner comedy) but also offers a story line that I believe could stand out. An anthropomorphic teddy bear trying to prove he is a person could be funny, heart warming and even intelligent, after all what defines being a person (my dog is smarter and communicates better then some people I have met). The best part of the movie I am sure though will be the cameo from MR. TOM FUCKING BRADY The Greatest Of All Time. Check out the trailer and let me know what you think. And remember there are no Chicks with Dicks, Only Guys with Tits.