“Tabloid Vivant” – A Film Review


Tabloid Vivant – A Film Review

An Artist, an Art Critic, and their unbridled passion to conceptualize a dramatic new form of artistic imagery that they believe will revolutionize the art world, even if it kills them to do it. This is the story of “Tabloid Vivant”, a ground-breaking, visually astounding, meticulously constructed masterpiece that not only boasts a mind-altering screenplay but also visually takes the viewers into the imagination of the misunderstood artist.

It would be almost blasphemy to attempt any form of negative criticism towards this picture. The attention to detail from the brilliant mind of Writer/Director Kyle Broom, the broken seductiveness of Lead Actress Tamzin Brown, and the nearly Oscar-worthy performance by Lead Actor Jesse Woodrow have all come together to create the absolute perfect storm of love, lust, pain, anger, and every other unhindered emotion that grips the very soul of an artist who wants nothing more than to give themselves to the world through canvas despite the cost to their health or lives.

Tamzin Brown entices the audience with her representation of Sara Speed, an Art Critic obsessed with the Black Dahlia and caught in a love triangle with her lover, Maximilian, and the constant quest for fame she desperately seeks in order to validate her existence in the art world.

The Artist in question, Maximilian Klinkau, as portrayed in an astonishing and uninhibited manner by rising actor, Jesse Woodrow. Woodrow broke down barriers with this performance. An almost Franco-esque adaptation of a starving and jaded artist who not only lusts after the same fame as his critic lover, but also takes the emotion, and the very life of his subject and projects it into his work for the world to be captivated by.

Simply put, this film is remarkable. A visually stunning and superbly directed work of complete craftsmanship that can easily find it’s way into the hearts and imaginations of it’s viewers for years to come.


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