Super Mario is out of Lives… Robert William "Bob" Hoskins, Jr. Passed away

Bob Hoskins

Well, another childhood legend is gone. Bob Hoskins died of pneumonia yesterday at the age of 71.  He was many characters that I loved (no matter how bad the movie may have been.) He was super Mario in the 1993 live action movie that I used to watch almost religiously in the 90’s. Even before that he was the love-able bumbling Mr. Smee in Hook. I actually watched that not long a few weeks ago with the kids. His final role was in Snow White and the Huntsman, which was actually a pretty sweet flick.

Super Mario


And then there was the first flick I saw with Bob in it. Who framed Roger Rabbit. Now I’ll be honest, I haven’t watched it in forever, but I remember it being amazing! It had live action mixed with cartoon, and it was such a fantastic idea. With that said I practically welled up with tears at the picture below. A wonderful tribute from artist James Shance. RIP Bob, I will make sure to watch one of these wonderful movies this week. Thanks for the memories.

~ Fear

Roger Rabbit