Studio Moving, Updates, Greatness coming!

Hey folks,

Big things are coming for the crew here. The last little bit has been hazy with trying to find a place to move and so on. The big move happens at the end of the month. We are going to try to not let interrupt bringing the free funny to ya. There are big plans for a new studio in the new place. If all goes as planned it’s going to be sweet as hell, and we will try to take pics of its construction. With the new studio we are also looking to overhaul the entire webpage. By we I mean Razar, cuz I have no idea how to write code and do all that nerdy stuff. But he does. I just write on here and wonder if anyone thinks in the same crazy ways I do.

With that said I have started to listening to a bunch of different podcasts, really trying to get involved in the community. If you have a podcast OR would like to be one a podcast please reach out to me! Would love to hear from ya and maybe have a cross over episode!!