“Stray” – A Film Review



From East Meade Street Gang, MTG Productions, and the mind of Writer/Director Nena Eskridge comes “Stray”, the story of a killer decides who to settle down in a small town and start a family. But first she has to find the right guy to help make it happen, whether he wants to or not.
Right out of the gate this film was confusing, the plot was less than organic but the delivery was appropriate. It was cut from the cloth of “Single White Female”, “Hand That Rocks the Cradle”, and alike, so conceptually it may have not been the strongest as far as originality goes but it certainly held it’s own in the genre and maintained enough clarity to keep the audience gripped and focused until the surprisingly fulfilling ending.
The leading role was portrayed by Gabrielle Stone, who at this point in her resume can clearly be considered an indie suspense/thriller veteran. Stone was by far the most “roller-coaster” feature of this film, with a performance that constantly shined and then dimmed a scene later resulting in a performance that felt both personally attained and completely forced at the same time.
The supporting cast featured palatable, if not a touch eccentric adaptations by the Leading Man as played by Dan McGaughlin, and Supporting Actress Samantha Fairfield Walsh. The only home run performance was by Supporting Actress Arita Trahan who did a fabulous and well-seasoned performance start to finish.

All in all this film was certainly worth the watch, it has it’s inconsistencies but also had some memorable moments and characters to contrast the bland points. The ending was out of the park, unexpectedly the best ending to a film as seen in recent time and makes it completely worth the wait and the watch.

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