So many updates!

What’s up misfits? Lots on the go over here at the FYFC studio. Just wrapped a new episode of FYFCast! Look for it tomorrow after Razar works his wizardry on it! Hope everyone is enjoying the ride with us, I know I’m having a fucking great time podcasting.
As you have seen we announced our new show, FEARCAST. Very exciting to get this solo show up and running. As you folks can tell I’m into some stuff that my amazing cohorts are not. So this will allow me to dig into that side of things. I really want to get back into reviewing horror movies, and the very deep and vast ocean that is heavy metal!
As well I want to sink my teeth into some of my other loves like the paranormal. And I can always go for a new conspiracy theory! I might not believe everything I read or see, but talking about outrageous possibilities, secret societies, mythical creatures and so on really gets me hyped up! I know 99% of stories out there are false or exaggerated, but I fucking LOVE saying “what if?” It we can’t play with all sides of the coin there just isn’t any fun. Hopefully I can get at least one episode under my belt in the next day or two so it’s up by the weekend.
Lights Out Radio is growing by leaps and bounds! We have had our second set of musical guests and looking for more. We have had acoustic artist AJ Robles and last week we had rap group The D.C. Show. We have learned what we need to get going on to keep moving forward with studio upgrades and so on, can’t wait. Looking to continue moving toward an audio and video integration with YouTube spots like “Live on Lights Out Radio”, and possibly starting a vine page.
Always pushing to the next level, always growing, making sure we keep you lovely folks entertained. There are many ways you folks can help us out and get in on the action! You can write reviews in iTunes and stitcher radio. Things like that will help us get more listeners! You can like us on Facebook and YouTube, or hit us up on twitter! It’s awesome because we started out with a very small amount of core fans and over the past couple weeks really started to see things grown. And for that man, we thank you guys. I know I have said from the beginning that I’d record even if no one was listening, and I would. But knowing that fans from all over are listening and enjoying, it’s simply awesome!
Alright, I have rambled on long enough. If you can, send us some feed back. We want to know who’s listening and where you are from. We will give you a shout out on the next cast! Thanks for sticking around you little misfits And creatures of the night!