Shut up Brain! I’m Trying to Sleep!

Have you ever been super tired and as you lay down for sleep, your brain chimes in with “HEY, LET’S TRY TO FIGURE OUT EVERYTHING!” This shit happens to me all the time. I can be tired as fuck, but as soon as my head hits that pillow my brain starts going over my day. It starts pulling all kinds of shit out of the wood work!
– Did you do everything you were supposed to today?
– Did you handle that situation earlier with your co-worker/spouse/friend/boss the right way?
– What could you have done that would have been way better?
– Hey you remember that thing, from like 10 years ago? Yeah I think you fucked it up. Had you done ____ maybe it would have done better.
– Do you think your spouse/child/friend is sick? How do you think they caught it? How long will they be sick for?

And so on, and so on. Sometimes I have to get up and pace around my room… just to un-scramble the massive amount of information my brain has decided to dump into my psyche before it shuts down. It’s seriously anything from the deepest thoughts on life, spirituality, the reason for being, to most random shit like if I were a cartoon character what would my side kick look like?

It’s the weirdest compilation of stuff. I started to look up online about this issue and apparently its become more and more of an issue for many people. There are places like the National Sleep Foundation that are doing research into these issues. They have some thoughts on why this might happen:

– Adults should get 7-9 hours of sleep each night. I find I work best on 5-7, but maybe I’m wrong.
– We also have a massive attachment to technology. At any moment we can grab our cell phone and learn, look up, or waste massive amounts of time.

One thing that I think contributes, and this might be me personally, but I think we are living in the most stressful time in history. Again, that might not be true. History has had some doozy years. But I find that we are working more, harder and longer hours than ever before. We are a slave to currency, and are constantly told “just be glad you have a job” and “you will have to work harder, stay late if you must to get it done.” Now don’t get me started on the fact that we work to earn money that is based on nothing. I am sure I’ll blog about that soon.

In turn with all the added stress of work, money, time away from family and so on we start building giant “to do” lists. So at night we go over these lists as we lie in bed. “Did I do all the things on my list today?” If not you then start compiling your list for tomorrow. And so it begins.

I also found a couple lists of “What to do to ease a racing mind” articles online. They all kind of say the same thing. And they make sense, but in the moment you don’t always think straight. Here’s a couple:
– Start a bedtime routing. This will help your brain realize that sleep is coming and start winding down. Now I don’t know about you, but my brain is an asshole. I don’t know if this would work for me.
– Meditation before bed. Get yourself centre and in a calm place.
– Deep breathing. Holding each breath for 3 seconds, feeling tension drift away.

Those are just some ideas. I have also read that masturbation is both good and bad before bed. Some say it relaxes the body allowing sleep to come sooner (pun intended). And then another I read said that it can actually cause you to not be able to sleep due to the chemical dump that comes with climax (nailed it again).

Anyway… do you suffer from a racing mind at night? What do you do make it chill the fuck out? Hit me up on twitter.