“Santa Clarita Diet” – A TV Review

Name: Santa Clarita Diet (2017)
Genre: Horror-Comedy
Rating: 9/10
Website: http://www.netflix.com/ 
Tag line: Eat your heart out.

PLOT : Sheila and Joel, a married couple, are real estate agents in Santa Clarita, California. When Sheila dies, their lives take a dark turn.

We marathoned this in a day and now we are super sad… that we have to wait to see if this gets renewed! I was blown away by this show. It is a crazy, funny and an interesting take on the zombie genre. I love The Walking Dead but this was so refreshing. Drew Barrymore‘s character not only transforms into a zombie, but she does a fantastic job acting out her new-found impulse control. Timothy Olyphant had me dying at least twice in EVERY episode. Honestly I didn’t know he was that funny. The supporting cast kills it too, with Liv Hewson as Sheila and Joel’s daughter, Abby, and Skyler Gisondo as their strange but paranormal neighbour Eric.

I highly recommend everyone check this out. If you like zombie movies, this has a little something for you, but if you like laugh out loud comedies this is the perfect 30 min treat. My wife MDI is not into horror, it gives her nightmares, absolutely LOVED this show. I hope it gets renewed! I read that “critics are praising the cast and premise, but criticizing the number of graphic scenes.” Seriously, fuck off. This show is not for you. I am so tired of people talking about zombie shows being too violent. IT’S A ZOMBIE SHOW! Anyway, I digress. Seriously GO WATCH THIS SHOW!

… Run along kiddies …




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