Robin Williams Dead at 63


Robin Williams was one of the greatest comedians of his time his stand up always had me gasping for air I would be laughing so hard. He was also an incredible actor from his comedic roles to his more serious roles. His performance in Good Will Hunting was nothing short of genius and in my opinion the best of his career. From making Matt Damon completely crack up with the on the spot improvised story of his wife farting in bed to his speech defending his life decisions in the bar, it was truly an amazing performance. It will be a long time until someone else comes around with his comedic timing and sincerity.

Depression is a horrible fucking thing. Robin Williams had for many years struggled with substance abuse said to be brought on by depression. There are many people and religions that believe depression is a myth and can be payed away or prayed away but If someone like Robin who seemed at least on the outside to have everything talent, money, fame, family, fans all over the world suffers to the point of taking his own life than those people are completely wrong.

You will be greatly missed by fans all over the world. I could only imagine the demons that would cause you to take your own life. I think you said it best “It’s not your fault”. I hope you are finally at peace.

Robin 2