TRAILER: “Rings”

Hey so here is the trailer for RINGS, set 13 years after the events of the first movies they try to revamp the franchise and bring Samara Morgan back into our lives. Check it out.


OK, now to me… that seems like it gives A LOT away. Now I get that we’ve already seen this and know what’s going to happen. But that almost seemed like the Cole’s Notes version of the film instead of a trailer. And the scary simplicity is gone. They should have called it “The Ring: Digital Viral Media”. Who’s the asshole just emailing a death tape out to people. Talk about spam. Put that shit on YouTube!

The following section is from the Wikipedia Page:
“Speaking at CinemaCon, Paramount Vice Chairman Rob Moore said that should the film prove successful, more sequels could recur annually taking the place of Paramount’s Paranormal Activity series.

On September 9, 2016, Paramount Pictures announced plans to produce a remake of Sadako vs. Kayako, currently under the working title Ring Vs. Grudge, and if Rings is successful, it would be greenlit”

Both of those statements are pretty interesting. The Grudge and Ring were successes when they originally came out, so pinning them after a possible successful RING movie would seem natural to bring back both franchises. Especially if they are looking to replace the Paranormal Activity franchise and they have no real ideas for something new.

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