Recycling the Call of Duty

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I LOVED MW2, but this shit pisses me off. I get why they are remastering the games, the last couple have been pure shit. I have been complaining for a while about how futuristic COD has gotten. There are lots of future games, you can play HALO or whatever. COD 4, MW2 and WaW were my bread and butter. It really made me fall in love with FPS games. Razar and I would go to the midnight launches at BestBuy. Wait in line so we could get it and run back and play. Well, we would try to because the servers would crash but we didn’t care.

Here’ s my issue… I’m not a fan of paying for something twice. Especially your big idea is to pair it with a turd. I played Infinite Warfare for the week it was free, and it was shit. Now it was beautiful, handle like a dream because it was COD, but there was just too much shit going on. Just give me a good war game. If I could combine Infinite Warfare but put it in Battlefield 1′s setting… then you would have a game. 

If anything I’m probably just bitching because I know I am going to have to buy the remaster of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 if not just for the nostalgia. Which is EXACTLY what they are doing with remaking movies and shit. For the most part I stay clear of movie remakes, but if they are going to start remastering all the games I love… am I going to end up being the fucking fool that pays for the same game again?? Dammit man, just go back. Make a game LIKE MW2, but not the same game. Take all the shit you have learned in the newer instalments and bring it back to the heyday of COD.

What do you think? Are you excited for what looks like the new “thing” in video games? Hit me with your input below OR Now run along kiddies…


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