R.I.P. The Ultimate Warrior (1959-2014)


Just close your eyes… listen as his music blasts out of the speaker, and the crowd completely loses their shit! Now open them quick to see this mad man run full blast down to the squared circle and shake the living HELL out of the ropes! The Ultimate Warrior gorilla press slammed his way into my life at a very young age, and he will go down as one of the greatest of all time.

His real name was James Brian Hellwig. I will be completely honest. That was something I learned today for the first time. Not because I didn’t care for this icon, he holds a very dear spot in my heart. I never bothered to learn his true identity cuz I didn’t need too. He WAS the warrior. He was this more than human, almost animal, representation of the human spirit. He was a driving force in the WWE or WWF as I grew up with. He was larger than life and stood out in the hay day of wrestling (IMO) when there was so many other giant memorable characters.

It has been crazy to read all the articles, and take a trip down memory lane that closed so long ago for me. When I was kid, these were the guys that lit the path for me. I know that sounds weird, but here you had this larger than life characters telling you “you can do anything, you can be anything”. You see them get beat up and come back from certain doom to win. Yes looking back at it now a guy in face paint acting like a manic is a little silly. But to a kid it was amazing. It spawned years and years of really great times for me and my friends. Hell we even had our own back yard style federation if you will. And the hilarious times I had being the Hardcore champ (a title I still hold and have to always be aware someone may try to take) in the REW [Roads Edge Wrestling] will always be an incredible memory for me. All made possible because of dudes like James Hellwig.

Listening to his final speech on RAW this week is haunting.

RIP James.. Warrior.. Thoughts go out to your family and friends. And ALL the WARRIORS around the world. You will be missed.