Police Brutality Seems More & More Common.. Just me?

Traffic Stop Goes Wrong!

Yo Check this crazy video out. It happened on September 4th in South Carolina. Trooper Sean Groubert pulled a man (Levar Jones) over for a seat belt violation. He asked to see Mr. Jones’ license and when he reaches for it Groubert starts screaming at him and shots him in the hip. Mr. Jones falls down and starts asking “why did you shoot me? You asked for my license and when I get it you shot me?!” Groubert tells him that he ducked into the truck quickly?

So let me get this straight. You have to move in slow motion or you get shot? Nah, fuck that. I have seen those videos too where the person is moving too slow and the cop takes a baton. Shit is getting scary. Mr. Jones survived… Groubert has been fired and been charged with aggravated assault and battery. A felony that could get him up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

To Serve and Protect?

– Click here for video.

Here is another video that happened in NY. Now the story is that Sandra Amezquita saw police plant a razor on her son that they were arresting, and allegedly they said “this time it will stick.” After that Sandra went in to talk to the police, when she was grabbed from behind and slammed onto her baby bump. She is 5 months pregnant! And they slammed her down, and knelt on her. There is also mention that they held a taser to her belly and beat her belly with batons. I don’t see it in the video. But there is another lady that walks up after Sandra is tossed to the ground and she is shoved across the street and they guy filming says “you broke her arm!”

I just don’t know anymore. I know I post a lot of “Anti-Law Enforcement” videos, but come on. Something is not right. And I’m not saying that there aren’t a lot of really good police doing their jobs properly and not hurting people. But there just seems to be a lot more videos of people getting beat or shot for nothing. And with all the militarization of police (fuck you say what you want it’s happening!) it makes me very nervous for America. It has all the makings for a revolution. Once more and more people start to wake up, and realize whats going on. Things like currency being based on nothing, poverty, and so on. I think things will explode. But hey, I have been wrong many times before. Just being north of a country that is in turmoil, scares me.