“Pandorica” – A Film Review


“Pandorica” – A Film Review

From Mirror Pictures comes the breakout film by first time Writer/Director Tom Paton. Set in a seemingly far distant future, the story follows the trials of three youths from the Varosha Tribe as they enter the sacred forest with their current leader to determine who prove themselves worthy enough to be selected as the next generation’s Tribe Chief.

The story centers around protagonist Eiren, the underdog of the group with an abrasive temper and a flair for the hyper-dramatic. This character is played by Jade Hobday, and although the defining characteristics of this leading role are predictable and over-the-top obnoxious, it’s still fair to say that it was acted uniquely and with a true “want” for success.

Marc Zammit portrayed the key antagonist, Ares, and as sour as it may sound the performance was equally as bland as the character. Simple textbook insecurities wrapped around an undeserving ego, a part played a million times over by a million other actors.. Such a shame.

Thade, the comical and essentially useless third wheel played by Adam Bond can be chalked up to a bit part at best. Not poorly acted, but no definition either.

This film projects itself into the Action/Horror genre with certainly a rich story device and enough action to keep you invested, but as a horror this one missed the mark. From a systematic viewing point, this was an action movie with enough suspense to fall into that category, but certainly nowhere near the realm of horror.

In closing, this film is certainly watchable, in fact it should be watched and have each viewer be given the opportunity to judge it accordingly on it’s own merit, however if you’re looking for a non-stop thrill ride full of wit and organic frights then it would be best not to assume it can be found here.

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