Pain & Gain, Bad Grandpa.. Check it out

Pain & Gain

I know its a been out for a bit but if you listened to the latest Lights Out Radio I have been under a rock. So I am trying to catch up. As always with my posts there could be spoilers, so you have been warned.  Its not really a spoiler considering the movie is loosely based on actual events. So Mark Wahlberg plays a gym trainer that wants more out of life. So he recruits two flunkies and they hatch a scheme to kid nap a millionaire from the gym and force him to give over all his money, property and so on. The millionaire is played by Tony Shalhoub and he does a fantastic job. The acting in the flick is a little campy but I think it works because the meatheads that did this were just slightly smarter than a bucket of apples. The Rock does a fantastic job. He is really out of his element. Normally we see him as the take charge leader and in this he’s kind of an emotional basket case. I found it all very entertaining, a little alarming because there are stupid people like that out there. Check the movie out, some great funny parts, overall a fun time.


 Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

Now I had wanted to see this in the theater as I love the Jackass boys, but it went by the wayside. I then totally forgot about it. Someone brought it to my attention the other day that I hadn’t watched it so I did. FUCK ME, was it funny. There are a couple points I was uncontrollable. I was laughing so obnoxiously  I was glad there was no one else around. I started to think that if anyone was walking by they would like a pig was squealing but couldn’t breathe and was going to die. I mean wow. Its really kool, because there is a main story or “plot” I suppose you can say. But then in between it is just hilarious Jackass styled pranks. The kid is hilarious in it. This is one of those movies that the trailer doesn’t do it justice. Do yourself a favor, if you are into this kind of comedy and haven’t seen it, DO IT.