Online Dating

I have been single for a while now and it doesn’t really bother me. Part of that could be because my last relationship was so terrible that I am just happy being alone and not having some bitch boss me around. But recently I have been thinking, you know maybe it is time for me to get back into the game, there is of course family and society pressure in this aspect as well. Well where do you meet people? For most people it is at a bar. Well I have never really been into the bar scene plus I am a little older then the bar crowd now and most bars to me just seem to be loaded with superficial materialistic whores and the douchebag pretty boys they seem to love (who will no doubt treat them horribly). So what does that leave me with. Well I am a very outspoken and high energy guy at work because I have to be but in day to day encounters I am actually kinda shy and reserved. So I decided to try online dating I figure why not I do everything else online. Maybe it will work maybe it will be great I will get a chance to get to know someone a little bit before meeting them and maybe I won’t be so nervous and shy if I do meet with someone however I had very high doubts that this would lead to anything. Now with online dating there are 2 routes to take. The paid sites that promise compatibility and more real connections or the free sites that promise the same damn thing. I decided to go the free route because I am definitely not paying for something I have huge doubts about. So I joined one of the more popular free sites and made my profile talking about who I am which is insane to think about, writing about yourself as if you are a product on the shelf. And then I started looking around and let me tell ya what I found was fucking shocking. Let me break down the women on this site. 2% are normal women who are tired of the bar scene and actually want to meet a nice guy. 49% are women who couldn’t hold down the last baby daddy and are on the prowl for the next one and the other 49% are the most shallow horrible fucking people you could imagine. I was actually shocked and I have seen some fucked up shit in my days.

Now I am no model and I can admit that but I am also not looking for a model, I would rather have someone that I can laugh with and have an actual intellectual conversation with than a smoking hot chick who is as dumb as a bucket of apples.  I am also quite short for a full grown male and that brings me to my shocking discovery. You would not believe the number of women some who are just absolute buckets of yuk who have right in their profile DO NOT message me unless you are at least 6 feet tall. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? I have also seen where they say you must be in shape and ripped and the women who usually have this in their profile are the ones that are no where near in shape. I get that some women prefer taller men and that is cool but if I had in my profile that you must be a size 0 with C cups and a tight ass I would be a chauvinistic pig.

The more profiles I read the more I realized, these women aren’t single by choice these women are single because they are fucking crazy. Some profiles even say they won’t reply unless you have a certain income. I mean what kind of a shallow gold digging whore writes that.

I have come to the conclusion that the very basis of online dating is flawed. It takes the human element out of it. There is no chance for the spark no chance for that instant attraction. All there is is a page about them written by them so odds are it is either incredibly shallow or 100% bullshit.  Hell even my profile is probably bullshit because the only way you can really get to know anyone is by actually talking to them and connecting with them. Online dating takes all of this out of the equation and breaks it down to something as boring and mundane as picking a movie to watch on netflix based only on the synopsis.

Now maybe I am being unfair maybe there are some normal women who are looking for a good guy. But I sure as hell haven’t found any of them yet.