A new Slayer track has hit the internet and as usual people have started shitting on it. About how they haven’t had a good album in like 20 years, and so on. All the usual bullshit people say whenever an older band puts out an album. You have to remember, Slayer is pretty fucking old. They have had some ups and downs, and have stood strong in the metal realm.

To me, the song is pretty good. It’s exactly what I expected from Slayer. Fast chugging riffs, Tom’s screeching vocals, some blazing solos, and dark imagery. That’s it. Thats all I need from a Slayer album. It sounds like them, they aren’t “trying new things” or “going in a new direction”, its just thrash/speed and Slayer being Slayer. If that’s good enough for you then, hit this shit!

~ Fear