New Music for Your FACE Fridays!

What’s shakin’ misfits!?

Here’s a couple vids that just got passed along my way. First up is “Cannibal Corpse – Kill or Become“. Dig the beat, and it gets you pumped up for the Walking Dead that is coming back October 12th. The lyrics are pretty hilarious. Just my opinion. “Fire up the chainsaw, cut their fucking heads off” I actually LOL’d. But it’s all in good fun and gore and that’s why I love CC.

And then there is a new one from “The Acacia Strain – Nailgun“. Now this one. I don’t know they story behind it, but it sounds like a metal break up song if I ever heard it! It’s a lyric video, and they are in the description so I won’t bother posting anything on here. But just watching the video, you can tell someone was wronged and they are not happy about it!

Next is “Job for a Cowboy – Sun of Nihility“. Check it out let me know what you think. It’s really growing on me. JFAC have always done a great job mixing in thrash and death elements together. “Sun of Nihility” is exactly what you would expect.

And the last one for today is “Unearth – The Swarm“. These dudes; I just have never been able to get into. It’s good, but something about it doesn’t hook me. Could be something you dig, check it out, I know they have a big following.

That’s it for now. If you have some tracks you would like me to check out pass them along to Look for new (even if just to me) music being passed along to you every Friday!