New Music for YOUR FACE FRIDAY 2!!!

Hey Misfits!

Like I said send me old or new music to check out. The title of the post is more along the lines of new music you might not have heard of or checked out before. Even if it’s older hit me with that shit!!

The first track is Feared – Lords Resistance Army. It’s got a nice hard rock guitar attack. It comes from their 2011 album. To me it’s a bit unpolished, a little garage sounding, but hey that’s also what makes it kick ass.

Next up we have another 2011 track Speed Kill Hate – Breeding Hate. Another sweet grinding rock/metal track. To me the vocals remind me a bit of Static-X!

Then we start ripping with some newer tracks STARKILL – Sword, Spear, Blood, Fire. These three all came from my buddy Rob… after listening to them can you tell he’s a guitarist? LOL.

This next one was actually commented on my post last week from one of my best friends Chris. And fuck was he right! Exotype – Wide Awake (Feat. Chad Ruhlig) . This one is right up my alley, absolutely love it.

Up next is a new one from ABORTED – Coffin Upon Coffin. I love these dude, I have sang their praise before. Now crack this motherfucker up to 11 and proceed to smash everything in the room you are currently in. GO on. You know you want to.

And this one is a couple years old but I fucking love it. I have been playing it a lot for months. The elements are just incredible, the piano, the beats, its all good man. Crown The Empire – The Fallout. Enjoy mofos!!