Never forget..


A moment of remembrance for our fallen stars.

Throughout the years we have been blessed with the magic of film and all of it’s glory. From the silent days when colored pictures was a fool’s venture, through the golden ages when starlets and the dashing gentlemen were graced by the silver screen. In to the 70’s where we were hosted with arguably the greatest decade the horror genre has ever seen, and in to the 80’s where iconic cult favorites Breakfast Clubbed their way into all of our hearts. We remember the moments of unbridled emotion we shared with these characters. They made us laugh, they forced us to cry, they gave us a greater understanding of a world that could very well exist if only you have the courage to leap out a grab for it. It is now in 2014 when we have seen so many of our most beloved artists depart from the mortal realm that we should take a moment, if only a moment, to pay homage to our cinematic heroes and show them that our admiration for them will live on..

Allow me to honor a mere few of our cherished stars and my favorite of their works of art.

Paul Walker – Mr. Fast and the Furious was iconic in a way that all young men can understand. He lived the life, he had a charisma that just made you want to like him and he never let me down on screen. My favorite film by Paul Walker is “Running Scared”.

Brittany Murphy – Such a talent, and such a loss. Brittany was so much more than she ever got the chance to be, she had a bright and vibrant future ahead of her and I for one am grateful we had the chance to experience her gifts to the world. My favorite work by Brittany Murphy is her role as Luanne on FOX’s “King of the Hill”.

Patrick Swayze – For over three decades this man had been showing the world a variety of talent that so many actors of his generation are either incapable or too inhibited to portray. Patrick is a legend, he was role model to up and coming talent everywhere, and he was an all around amazing person. He will be missed. “Nobody puts Baby in the corner”. My favorite film by Patrick Swayze is “Too Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything. Julie Newmar.”

John Pinette – Truly a master of his craft, John Pinette has brought tears of laughter to my eyes on countless occasions. The world of stand-up comics is a harsh reality to those who are aware of the business but to the rest he was a star of the stage both comedy and Broadway alike. Allied with an unquestionable love affair with food and a highly repeated catch phrase(“I say Nay Nay”), John Pinette was a crowd pleaser, a cherub like man who just wanted to make people smile. Bless his heart. My favorite work by John Pinette is his comedy routine entitled “I’m Starving”.

James Gandolfini – The Sopranos is without a doubt one of the most well written, respected, and critically acclaimed television series in history. However none of that would or could have come to fruition without the heavy hitting character acting of James Gandolfini, his portrayal of Tony Soprano will never, EVER, be forgotten. The legacy that this man has left in his wake will be cemented in history forever. My favorite work by James Gandolfini is not Tony Soprano, but the film “Enough Said”

Vincent Price – Sometimes when art is interpreted perfectly it can be recognized as it was intended to be, an expression of the soul, and Mr. Price expressed the contents of his soul in every picture, television show, film, radio show, and every other form of media that this miraculous man decided to share his genius with. I don’t throw the word “epic” around loosely, but he truly was epic, so much in fact that I named my son after him… That’s right. My favorite work by Vincent Price is “The Last Man on Earth”.

Heath Ledger – Heath was still an up and comer in so many ways, he had been given the opportunity to showcase his talents on a magnitude of levels and I can’t think of one in which he didn’t succeed in providing a show stealing performance. As the world already knows Heath had many demons, he battled many health problems as well as many chemical problems speculated to have been cause by his preparation for his Oscar winning performance as The Joker in Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight”. No matter what darkness consumed this young spirit, he never let it bleed out while he took us on each new adventure right along side him. My favorite film by Heath Ledger is “10 Things I Hate About You”.

John Candy – I’m not sure how I can appropriately describe the levels of success this man had accomplished. You know what? I think everybody knows how incredibly gifted this man was and how his mere presence was a gift to us all. Thank You Mr. Candy, we love you. My favorite film by John Candy is “Uncle Buck”.

Last and certainly not least,

Robin Williams – The world was left in awe earlier this year when news about the loss of Robin Williams spread like wild fire across all aspects of media, flaring much controversy but even more disbelief that a man who brought so much laughter and joy in to all of our lives could be so alone and isolated on the inside. It really helps to put the reality of these people in perspective for us because that what they are, people. We put celebrates up on imaginary pedestals and expect them to perform for our amusement like circus animals and we rarely look beyond the picture to the person behind the mask. This man wore many masks, he was an incredible brilliance and an inspiration to millions. His memory will carry on and hopefully help remind us all that even the clown can cry too. Genie, we wish you to be free. My favorite film by Robin Williams is “Toys”.

When Nick and I started this page all we wanted to do was show our passion for films and the emotions that they bring out of us, I truly feel that we have accomplished that and will accomplish that as long as we continue to have our passions ignited again and again by these amazing people and their gifts that they share with the world.

Heroes get remembered but legends never die..

Thanks you.

– Jay