SOOO MUCH MUSIC!!! Like I said keep the flood coming in, let’s spread the sickness! Sorry that came off a little Nu-Metal. But That is because we have a new disc dropped by one of my favs from the 2000’s Coal Chamber. They have re-grouped and put out an album, and I have only skimmed through it a little bit but from what I can tell it sounds exactly like you would expect it too. Take that as you may. Personally I have moved on from that style, and prefer DevilDriver, but that’s just me. I would still see them though.

Coal Chamber – I.O.U. Nothing

Halestorm – Amen

.45 Stainless – O.G.B.D. … (I couldn’t find a video for “O.C. Justice”, great tune)

The Devil Wears Prada – South Of The City

August Burns Red – Identity

AURAS – Adverse Condition

Buried Under Texas – Battle Cry

Drop The Silence – Hooligans

Eskimo Callboy – Crystals

Hope you found something you liked. Keep the music requests and suggestions coming. I might start looking into review new albums when I have time. If there is anything you think I should hear or curious about my opinions hit me up on twitter @thefearagenda.