Music Monday! – 90’s Edition

I have been working on some ideas for Fearcast, including some music album reviews. It’s going to take a bit but I think that you guys will like the finished product. With that I thought maybe I’d go back on some of my 90’s favourite. Yeah, I’m that guy. I LOVE music from the 90’s. Chill out and go back in time!

Nirvana – Heart-Shaped Box

Mother Love Bone – Chloe Dancer / Crown of Thorns

Pantera – Domination

Slayer – War Ensemble

Guns & Roses – Civil War

Jesus Jones – Right here, Right Now

Naughty By Nature – Yoke The Joker

So many genres with great music. Really brings back some awesome memories from back in the day. And this is barely out of 1991. I’ll start working on more 90’s edition, maybe even jump back to the 80’s!