Hey everyone! This week is a very special Music Monday as the list was created by none other amazing daughter Alexandra! She had asked if she could make a list, and I hummed and hawed about it… finally I said “OK give me a list of songs and I will see what you have.” And she blew me away. A very good mix of pop, rock, rap, and more. There was a couple artists that she wanted to use but they are just not on Spotify. One was Taylor Swift, who was in the public awhile back speaking out against streaming music (or something to that effect). And the other is a YouTuber by the name of Boyinaband. I am going to add two of his videos below. He seems to talk about issues that kids go through, like being picked on and such. He also has one about a crazy murder game that he and others play online. Check them out and let Alex know how she did!


Originally I thought the vids were a little much for a 10 year old. Thats why you have to sit down with your kids. Talk to them. Really TALK to them. Find out what they are listening too. What are they watching? Where is there headspace? My daughter is far beyond her years. I was listening to way more graphic metal when I was her age. And as long as you keep on top your kids, make sure they are mature enough to listen to music that is considered “outside the norm” they will turn out just fine. Or time will tell I suppose. Love you Alex! Keep rocking!