Misfits is AMAZING!


I randomly became hooked on the British science fiction comedy-drama Misfits. It originally aired on E4 TV, but I got my fix on Netflix!


The show is about a group of young offenders sentenced to work in a community service program. While “working’ there is a crazy electrical/ice storm. The groups is hit with lightening and they obtain supernatural powers. It is absolutely fucking hilarious. If you are a fan of raunchy comedy (which I’m sure you are since you listen to our podcast and are on our site) this will make you piss yourself. Now they have accents (duh) and at first it’s hard to understand what they are saying, at least it was for my Canadian ear lol. But once you get in, you will laugh the entire time. Some of the slang I had to look up as we don’t use them here, but they use CUNT and TWAT which are some of my all time favs.

There is five seasons of the show and I’m not going to lie, it’s a slow decline after season three. I watched the entire run, so it’s not terrible, but what really starts the decline is the amount of characters (actors) they lose. The first two seasons are the same five young offenders:

Nathan: Played by Robert Sheehan. He is my favourite and the biggest reason I fell in love with the show. He is insanely funny, with his one liners and ability to shoot off his mouth with quick wit. At first Nathan doesn’t know what his power is and eventually finds out it’s Immortality. Which is “off the A list” as he says, compared to the rest of the crew. The shit thing is that Nathan leaves the show after the second season. And that, at least for me, started the down fall of the the show. He is replaced with a guy named Rudy, who is very funny, but no Nathan.
Alisha: Played by Antonia Thomas. Her powers are anyone who makes bare contact with her skin go into a sexual frenzy. It’s actually a really strange power, but they make it work. She has relationships with both Curtis and Simon. The storyline with her and Simon is amazing. It’s very real, and has some awesome twists and turns. It was a pinnacle part of the series.
Simon: He is played by someone that in the GoT world we have all really come to hate, Iwan Rheon. Now in Misfits he plays a fantastically lovable “weird kid”. And Nathan thinks he’s a “panty sniffer”. Watch it, it all makes sense. As an outcast he has the power of Invisibility. Which is a sick trick, and one that I know many of us have wished we had the ability to do… amirite?? Side note Iwan is a phenomenal singer. Something I didn’t know, but found out after looking him up. I’ll put a song at the bottom.
Kelly: Is played by Lauren Socha, who is not a SLAG. She has the ability to hear people’s thoughts. She also has a thick Derby accent and is hilarious to hear talk. I could listen to her tell people off all day lol.
Curtis: Played by Nathan Stewart-Jarrett. He has the ability to rewind time (which comes in handy!). He is a track star that was caught with drugs, and my least favourite character.

The downfall as I said is that the above slowly leave the show. Which eventually lead to it being cancelled from what I can tell. The changing of the cast was simply too much and ended up hurting the show. The “quests” and story lines started to slow and it just didn’t pack the same punch it did the first 2-3 seasons. It was still decent enough for me to finish it. Had it been worse I wouldn’t have. But I have started watching the first season again! If that tells you anything lol. It’s not for everyone, but it is very funny to me. Give it a watch if you don’t mind vulgar words and people being killed.

As promised check out Iwan sing!