Mindshift’s “Horizon” – An Album Review

Band: Mindshift
Album: Horizon
Genre: Melodic Metal
Rating: 7/10

I really enjoyed it from start to finish. There are a lot of great elements littered throughout the album. I love the mixing of genres and elements of metal, dance, singing and screaming. I have highlighted some of the stand out tracks below. You can tell the band knows their shit, but are also growing.

There are some things that worked really well and some that didn’t for me. There is a breakdown at the end of Eye For an Eye that comes out of nowhere, but then has its boner killed by the out-of-place dance beginning of Drowning. After hearing them tear up a KsE cover, I think they can really add a richness to their sound that didn’t quite hit this time around.

I say crank this shit up! Even with the things I had as cons it’s a really intricate album with lots of twists and turns. I look forward to seeing how the band develops and hones their craft.

Listen for yourselves! Now, run along kiddies…


Track Listing :

1. Origin
2. Arise
3. Horizon
4. The Art
5. In The End
6. My Revenge (feat. Björn “Speed” Strid)
7. Eye For An Eye
8. Drowning
9. Suffer In Silence
10. Decay
11. Absolution
12. Light
13. A Thousand Scars
14. Single Session Therapy
15. Reflections

Check out these tracks!!

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